Blue Raven is owned and operated by Jeff Ammons. Jeff draws on inspiration from experiences managing teams and products at venture-backed startups in Los Angeles; Boulder, CO; and San Francisco, including Mahalo, Brigade, and Slack, to help solve problems for you.

Blue Raven uses fire-branded strategies and tactics for hiring, growing, and maintaining successful teams and building outstanding products to help your business achieve its mission and help you make your mark on the world.

We liberally borrow ideas from the latest research in organizational and team psychology, emotional intelligence, education, and combine lessons learned from hands-on operational experience in fast-growing, highly-uncertain, and rapid-paced environments to build powerful leaders and remarkable products that improve the world around us.





1:1 Coaching

Coaching provides you with opportunity to gain both tactical and high-level insight into your performance as a leader in your organization. Whether you have a specific skill or problem you need help solving, or want our help identifying these areas, we can help you become the powerful leader you want to be. We offer a wholistic team interview process to map your strengths and areas for improvement.

Deliberate Practice Workshops

Workshops provide hands-on experiences for leaders looking to hone their skills, whether moving from beginner to intermediate or good to great. Workshops typically last 4-8 hours and span 1-2 days. Workshop structure and content is optimized for small groups, allowing those present time to practice their new skills and obtain feedback as they develop.

Examples: Feedback with Emotional Intelligence; Conducting Engineering Interviews;

Process Consultation

As organizations grown, they inevitably outgrow their existing processes for hiring, building products, triaging incoming bugs, training sales teams, etc. Finding the time and expertise to fix these is always a challenge.

Using experience gleaned from years of working at startups, we work with your team to define, document, and train these refinements to process. Depending on your company's needs, we can drive these refinements, or simply serve as an extra pair of hands, so you can stay focused on the other needs of your growing business.




Want an intro chat to see if we can help? Get in touch with us at: jeff@blueravenconsulting.com or feel free to sign up for office hours.